All we can do for you.

Real Estate (Purchase/Lease)

We know how tiring and stressful the process of looking for and buying/renting a house can be, especially when you don’t know the region, its local policies, bureaucratic processes, etc.

Our objective is to help and facilitate this process, guaranteeing all the accompaniment throughout it, from the search and selection of houses, organization and carrying out of visits, negotiation of the property, document validation, independent technical inspection, to all the post-sale service.

We work with key partners, such as independent brokers, to find the best option for your needs.

House Management (for Investment)

If your objective is to use the property as an investment in Portugal, we will also be your ideal partner in this situation, providing an excellent service in order to get the maximum return on your investment, through the following services:

Hiring Staff and Support Personnel

We also support you in selecting and hiring all the support staff for your home, in order to guarantee maximum comfort for you and your family.

Whether it is kitchen staff, cleaning, babysitter or gardener, we will find the right people to help you in your day-to-day.

Direito Migratório e Empresarial

O GoldenPassPortugal trabalha com escritórios de advocacia especializados nesta área, de forma a garantir a melhor transição possível nesta mudança para Portugal. 

Seja na obtenção de Visto ou de Nacionalidade Europeia, dos documentos necessários em Portugal (NIF, NISS, etc) ou na abertura da sua empresa, iremos ajudá-lo ao longo de todo o processo, confiando nos nossos parceiros especializados, com larga experiência nesta área.


We have a highly specialized partner, who works with several insurers, and who supports us in this service, be it health, life, property, car, animal, etc.

Car Purchase

If you want help in buying a car, we also help in the process of researching and negotiating it (whether you are still outside Portugal or already in the country), always according to your needs and the type of car you want.

We also guarantee the entire after-sales service of the car, from making appointments at the garage, booking the inspection or the mandatory inspection of the car.

If you also want to hire a driver to support you in your day-to-day life, or at specific times, we also guarantee the validation and hiring of the necessary staff.

Vaccines/Chips for Animals

In Portugal there is an obligation to vaccinate and chip animals (dogs and cats), and we will facilitate this process, ensuring that your pets are protected and safe in Portugal. 

Business Support

Whether it’s an entire office or a room in a co-working space, we also support you in moving your company and establishing it in Portugal, ensuring that you find the best possible space to help your company succeed.